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Taking over

For the past three days I've been doing an Instagram takeover for the AOP. If you're interested, go check out their feed.

This came about because I was a finalist for the 2016 Student Awards, all finalists got the opportunity to do a takeover of their Instagram newsfeed and post as many pictures as they liked. The point of it for the AOP was to get past finalists talk about their experiences of the awards to promote it, the point of it for the students was exposure.

I stuck to 3 pictures per day, so 9 in total. Mainly because I don't like to post too many of what I consider my strongest portfolio photographs to social media for copyright reasons, but also because I didn't want to overdo it! (And editing one's own work is a whole career in itself.)

The experience was good, the feedback was all good, as superficial as it gets on social media - but I'll take that! It was very cool to get likes from professional commercial photographers I admire. In a way, it was a sort-of validation that my pictures are good enough (interaction on social media is fleeting and I do take some of it with a pinch of salt). There's always room for improvement though, and tomorrow I am back in the studio continuing with my project on seasonal fruits.

Bring it on.