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The easiest ever ice cream recipe

Raspberry ripple ice cream

Ok so it's only easy if you have an ice cream maker, which I am fortunate enough to have. Well, it was my mum's to be fair. She gave it to me on what she would call a 'long lend', so technically it belongs to the family. You know where it is if you need it, sisters!

Alright. You need a 284 ml tub of double cream, a 397g tin of condensed milk, raspberries (a small punnet will do it) and a tablespoon of icing sugar. Oh and some vanilla (either extract or seeds from a pod).

Mix the cream, condensed milk and vanilla and add it to the ice cream maker, (according to the instructions on your ice cream maker) and let that run for 15/20 minutes. Meanwhile, make a coulis by blending the raspberries and icing sugar, along with a little water to loosen if needed, then pass it through a fine sieve.

At the end of the cycle, add in the coulis for 3 or 4 rotations of the paddle and then leave it at that. Tip into a freezer proof container for at least 4 hours or overnight if possible.

Eat. Enjoy.

For the purpose of the photo, I served it with broken up pieces of meringue, shavings of white chocolate, and fresh raspberries but, to be honest, all it needed to be served with was a massive spoon!

Guess which one was mine

The ice cream got the thumbs up in our house. The only complaint from my daughter was that it was *too* easy! She's a hands-on, mixing, chopping, making a mess kinda girl!